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Towards Fair Humans! event series:

Voices, Masks & Courage

Virtual Exhibition (on-going)

From laptop stickers to startup ambitions. Find out how the Impostor bias falters tech creators.

Impostor syndrome experiences by people involved in creating tech – a selection of voices from the Twitterverse. Curated with artworks of disguises or of courage, from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Mozilla Festival's host city.

We were @ Mozilla Festival 2022!

Mozilla Festival 2022 logo

Uncover Impostor Bias Through Collaborative Mind Mapping

Workshop (online, 8 March to 25 June 2022)

Live workshop and a self-guided follow-up version at the Mozilla Festival 2022.

Spin-Off Events @ Mozilla Hubs:

Bad Artists in Residence

9 June 2022 (online)

Have you been taught to be a 'bad artist'? If you feel the need to apologise for your drawing talents – or lack of – you're cordially invited! Using a drawing tool in Mozilla Hubs, we'll explore, then question, the uncomfortable sensation of drawing 'badly'. You'll leave with a renewed perspective on drawing, and how this experience is relevant to exiting the Impostor Cycle in other things you do.

Impostor Experiences Working in Tech

31 May 2022 (online)

Discuss Impostor feelings associated with creating digital products and technologies. This event is for people directly or indirectly involved in creating technologies (including developers, designers, UX, product managers, research, data, AI, etc.).